Gujarat Curfew Pass 2021 - Online Registration at

A curfew was announced on Tuesday in Gujarat, stating that the whole country was barred from leaving their homes during that period. However, the situation is getting worse, and Gujarat has advised people to avoid going near streets during this period.

According to the Gujarat Chief Minister’s Office, the Gujarat Curfew Pass has been launched for the residents of the state, so the citizens of the state can get the required goods at home and can also utilize the Gujarat Curfew Pass for emergency transportation.

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Gujarat Curfew Pass 2021 - Online Registration at

Why Gujarat needs a curfew pass?

The safety of the citizens is the responsibility of the state government during a lockdown caused by the growing outbreak of Corona virus in the country. In this circumstance, the state government is obligated to provide all the necessary services for the citizens of the state.

 As a result, the government of Gujarat announced that all people providing essential facilities, such as grocery, milk and chemist shops, will have to obtain a Gujarat Curfew Pass. 

These service providers can apply for their Gujarat Night Curfew Pass. Once this passes is obtained, all these service providers can offer their facilities to the general public without a hassle.

Gujarat Night Curfew Details 2021

A Gujarat Curfew Pass has been started by the Gujarat Chief Minister’s Office to enable people of the state to securely purchase goods on their own doorsteps. They can also utilize the Gujarat Curfew Pass during emergency situations.

Several Indian state have reported the highest number of cases of the corona virus in the last few weeks. Gujarat continued to be the state to report the most cases in the last 2 weeks. 

Moreover, the Gujarat state government reported 3,575 cases, the highest number ever reported, and these cases have been contagious and the state has implemented lockdown measures to prevent the corona virus epidemic, which has left the people of Gujarat facing many problems. 

There is a Gujarat Curfew Pass System which has been designed for the security of the citizens, and that has been designed by thinking about people in the state. It will be provided to all consumers through the servants of the state, such as this Gujarat Night Curfew Pass.

Essential services list for curfew e-pass

  • Postal Services

  • Media

  • Police

  • Fire

  • Water

  • Couriers

  • Telecom

  • Electricity

  • Food supply

  • Bank/ATM

  • Internet Services

  • Medical Treatment

  • Medical Emergency

  • Law & Order and Magisterial Duties

  • Essential Items Manufacturing

  • Essential Items Distribution

  • Essential Items Transportation

  • Others which are very urgency in nature

  • Govt Health Workers (Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff)

The following instructions have been given

  • Individuals who produce essential facilities can also register for Gujarat Curfew Pass. For instance, grocery stores and those selling milk, fruits and vegetables.

  • Registrants who have the required materials can also be vehicles or drivers.

  • You can also get the pass if you work for media, health companies and banks.

  • You can register for Gujarat Night Curfew Pass also if you are related to some important facility or service.

Applying for Gujarat Curfew Pass

The following procedure will let you apply for the Gujarat Curfew Pass:

  • You need to first go to the official website of the Gujarat Curfew Pass. Afterward, the homepage will appear in front of you

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  • The button “Apply E-Pass” can be found in the menu on the home page. Once you click on this, a new page will appear in front of you.

  • Please enter your Mobile Number and Captcha Code in the registration form found on this page.

  • You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number after clicking on the Generate OTP tab.

  • Next, enter the 10-digit OTP in the OTP box, then click the Submit button. On the next screen, fill out your contact information, including your address, mobile number, and birth date/age.

  • You need to enter/select the district, tehsil, pass number for yourself/ your organization, service type, and service description, place of visit, and From Date To Date, in addition to other details.

  • You must now click the "Submit" button to complete the process. You will receive an email with all the necessary information.

  • Please feel free to print out and use this application form.

Gujarat Curfew Pass login process

  • After visiting the Gujarat Night Curfew Pass official website, you will see the default page of the website.

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    Gujarat Curfew Pass Registration 2021

  •  A login option is visible on the homepage of the website, you have to click on it to open another page.

  • On the next page, you'll need to enter the information asked.

  • You have to click on the Login option after entering all the information.

  • As soon as you click on the login button, you will be taken through the login process.

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