YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme 2021- Online Registration & Beneficiary List

Despite the fact that farmers face crop losses due to various natural calamities every year, the government has launched various Insurance schemes to address the problem. This article will tell you all you need to know about YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme, including its objective, advantages, features, eligibility criteria, documents required, application procedures, etc. By reading this content you will gain more understanding of YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme. 

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YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme 2021- Online Registration & Beneficiary List 

YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme 2021

A crop insurance scheme has been launched by the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. Farmers have the right to get insurance cover for all the notified crops due to natural calamities. There will be around 22 notified crops. The Farmers will not pay any premium to receive the benefits of the YSR Crop Insurance Scheme, previously they used to pay a high premium amount. Farmers are required to pay only one Rupee in order to be part of this scheme. The government is going to pay the claim amount to the farmers who have lost crops during Kharif 2020.

It is estimated that more than 15 lakh farmers will receive this benefit from this amount. This claim will receive an amount of Rs 1820.23 crore and the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy will credit it directly into the bank account of the beneficiaries.

Objective of YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme

All the farmers of the state are to receive an insurance cover on crops by means of the scheme. This scheme will cover them against all natural calamities such as heavy rains, droughts, cyclones, etc. The government is going to provide financial assistance for crops lost in natural calamities. 

Through this program, farmers will not have to pay any premium amount. Implementation of the Scheme will also make the system transparent, relieving them of the financial burden.

YSR free Crop Insurance Eligibility Criteria & Documentation

  • Applicant must be permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh

  • Aadhaar card

  • Residence certificate

  • Voter ID card

  • Ration card

  • Passport size photograph

  • Mobile number

Claim Amount Paid Till Now

A crop insurance premium of Rs 122.61 crore was also paid by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the 2018-19 Rabi, which was kept pending by the TDP government. This premium was paid on 26 June 2020. From 2016 to 2020 the scheme will insure around 5.94 lakh farmers at a cost of Rs 596.26 crores. Andhra Pradesh has made this payment of Rs 468 crores keeping in mind the fact that the number of farmers has increased from 2016-2016.

  • 17.79 lakh farmers were insured in 2016-17.

  • 18.22 lakh farmers have insured in 2017-18.

  • The number of crop insurance enrolled farmers increased from 24.83 lakh in 2018-19 to 49.50 lakh in 2019-20.

  • Today, 15.15 lakh farmers have insurance.

Payment Released Under Free Crop Insurance Scheme

YS Jaganmohan Reddy, Telugu’s CM announced today on 25th May, Tuesday that he will launch an agri-insurance scheme in his state called Free Crop Insurance. State officials have announced a big announcement regarding the compensation they will provide eligible farmers.

A compensation amount of 1820.23 crore has been transferred to the accounts of 15,15 lakh farmers eligible for YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme for the Kharif-2020 season. The CM transferred the free insurance money to its beneficiaries through an office computer in Tadepalli, Guntur district. At a meeting in Telangana, the CM informed the farmers that he has set up another scheme, which will greatly benefit farmers.

  • In the last month alone around Rs. 3900 crore has been deposited into the farmer’s accounts under this scheme. For a state where 60% of its citizens are involved in agricultural activities, this scheme provides the farmer with a guarantee in tough times.

  • 15.15 lakh farmers who suffered crop losses last year are receiving aid amounting to Rs.1820.23 crore from the government. According to the Chief Minister of the state, the government has also released Rs.715 crore for insurance arrears of 2018 and Rs.1253 crore for 2019-20 free crop insurance payments which were neglected in the past government.

  • State government officials made a big decision which stated that the state would cover the losses of farmers devastated by the destruction of Kharif crops during the same season in which they were harvested. around 10,778 RBKs have been set up in the state, each with a village secretariat. Farmers are being helped with this scheme without it burdening them. It offers insurance on 21 different kinds of crops.

YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme Rythu Bharosa Kendras

In order to benefit the farmers under AP Free Crop Insurance Scheme, the government of Andhra Pradesh set up 10641 Rythu Bharosa Kendra, which was integrated into the village secretariat.

A Crop Loss Detail Display at Rythu Bharosa Kendra will be held in consideration of the Nivar Cyclone at the village secretariat.

Farmers will receive their compensation by 31st December 2020. According to the details available, all those missing farmers will be enrolled in Rythu Bharosa Kendra by the government.

Financial help by government

AP Agri Mission Vice-Chairman VMS Nagi Reddy, Minister K Kannababu, Chelluboyina Venugopala Krishna, and concerned officials participated a video conference with farmers to inform them of the compensation schedule for losses sustained in 2020.

The Andhra Pradesh government will pay the insurance amount to the farmers as soon as their report is submitted by the planning department. The government will also make sure that all farmers are compensated at the graded MSP so that there is no financial loss.

Features and Benefits of the YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme

  • Crop Insurance through YSR Crops is being provided by the Andhra Pradesh Government to farmers.

  • The 15 December 2020 is the launch date of this scheme.

  • These schemes will cover crop losses due to the occurrence of natural calamities.

  • The Scheme covers around 22 agricultural crops.

  • There will be no cost associated with this Scheme.

  • Taking advantage of this scheme does not require farmers to pay any premium.

  • There is an enrollment fee of only Rs one.

  • According to the YSR free crop insurance program, the government will compensate farmers by crediting the fund directly into their bank accounts.

  • Under the Scheme, the government will pay Rs 1252 crores

  • A total of 9.48 lakh farmers will benefit from this scheme.

  • The Scheme has enrolled around 49.80 lakh farmers.

  • The Scheme will be implemented by approximately 10641 Rythu Bharosa Kendras.

  • Claim payments will be made for all crops lost during 2020 in the month of May 2021.

  • Over 56 lakh hectares will be covered under this scheme.

YSR Free Crop Insurance Application Process

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YSR Free Crop Insurance Application Process

Follow these steps if you wish to apply for YSR's free Crop Insurance Scheme:-

  • To begin with, go to the official site of the department of agriculture, the government of Andhra Pradesh. https://apagrisnet.gov.in/crop.php

  • Upon opening the homepage, you'll be greeted with a welcome message.

  • To apply for YSR Free Crop Insurance, click on the Apply for YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme button on the homepage.

  • In the next step, you will be asked to complete an application form.

  • On the application form, you will be required to provide your name, your email and mobile numbers, a current address, etc.

  • You will be required to upload any remaining required documents after that.

  • Click the submit button now.

  • You can apply for free Crop Insurance Scheme under the YSR by following this procedure.

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